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how to start with ILO ?

Occasional Contributor

how to start with ILO ?

hi ,

i have HPDL360 G3 server and i want to start using ILO. i connect it to my switch i have a user name and password.

now how can i connect to it ?

what are the next steps ?

Honored Contributor

Re: how to start with ILO ?


you can start by rebooting your server
press F8 when integrated lights out comes up during POST and configure the IP settings and user

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Pieter 't Hart
Honored Contributor

Re: how to start with ILO ?

If you have dhcp on your network, ilo tries to acquire an ip-adress from it.
from there it also tries to register witch dns and wins.

with them system with integrated management interface (ilo) there is tag with information about:
- default hostname (derved from mac-adress)
- username
- password
if the external tag is lost, there is a copy inside the system under the cover.

If you don't have dhcp, do as Karlo sugested to configure the ip-adress (and hostname) manually.

in your browser open http://
and fill in username and password.

After this add other users and change the default password.

For some ilo-functions you need to fill in a license key (ilo advanced pak ordered separately).
Occasional Contributor

Re: how to start with ILO ?

ok thx it work.

but after a some time it get stack

i still got ping form the ILO ip
but it wont work .