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how to upgrade ILO firmware on DL360

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how to upgrade ILO firmware on DL360

My dl360 is running on firmware 1.55, and I want to upgrade it to 1.75. I am not able to access web page as it dies saying page cannot be displayed. And there is no option either to enable SSH in bios settings. how do i upgrade the firmware. Are there any hidden settings for firmware 1.55 so that I can access thru browser
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Re: how to upgrade ILO firmware on DL360

I would like to add one more thing here. I donot have neither floppy or CD Drive on my server.
Please let me know if firmware 1.55 supports browser administration. If so how to enable it
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Re: how to upgrade ILO firmware on DL360

I have following the question
1.Can you ping iLO using it's DNS Name or IP address ?
Web Interface(or browser interface) may not be accessible because of Network problems.

Alternative methods for Upgrading iLO firmware.

1.Using XML file
Using "Update_firmware.xml"
Update_firmware.xml file is available as a part of Lights-out scripting samples in the following HP web site.

Now use either HPONCFG(HP online configuration utility) or CPQLOCFG(HP Lights out Configuration utility) to do firmware upgrade as under.

This utility need to be run on a system
where iLO resides.
For windows,
hponcfg /f Update_firmware.xml
For Linux
hponcfg -f Update_firmware.xml
NOTE : Please ensure Lights Out drivers
are installed on the system where
iLO resides.
This works even if iLO doesn't ping in
the network.
cpqlocfg -s -f Update_firmware.xml

This utility can be used remotely.

2.Network Flash recovery usng "ftp".
This can be used under the following
1.iLO Browser Interface is not working.
2.iLO is pinging in the network.

1. Open an FTP session to the IP address
or DNS name of iLO.
2. Log in to iLO using the fixed username flash and the password of recovery. The username and password are case-sensitive.
3. At the FTP prompt, enter the put command and the file name of the firmware image.

The following is an example of the entries used for the flash recovery process:

login: flash
password: recovery
put \iLO175.bin

Now flash process starts.

1.If the file is not found, then some versions of the put command do not
report an error message.
2.If the directory path includes spaces, enclose the path and filename in quotes.

4.Once the flash process completes,iLO reboots.
5.Now try accessing iLO's browser interface.

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Re: how to upgrade ILO firmware on DL360

Thanks a lot for your help. I have upgraded the ILO version to 1.8.
Are there any hidden settings for ILO,if we are accessing the same thru natted ip( I am able to ping and do ssh to natted ip but not https).
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Re: how to upgrade ILO firmware on DL360

At this point there are no iLO settings available for "nattled ip addresses" (
OR Internal IP addresses)

You can just try the following alternative.
1.Disable the Proxy server setting
in the browser.
2.Then try accessing "iLO" from browser
through "nattled IP address".

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Re: how to upgrade ILO firmware on DL360

Also check the iLO Network Settings help page for normal iLO port assignments. You may have to forward these for NAT.