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iLO 2 SSH key authorization fails

Stefan Winter
Occasional Contributor

iLO 2 SSH key authorization fails


on a iLO 2 1.35, I tried to authorize a SSH key. I created a user "sensorreader" on the local iLO subsystem, and created a SSH key under Linux with

ssh-keygen -b 1024 -f ilo-user

Then I changed the pub file to have "sensorreader" as user name in the public key file.

When I uploaded this to the server, authorization of the SSH key was refused:

SSH Key Authorization Error

The SSH key could not be authorized.

One of the following may be the reason:
1. The key store is full. There is only enough storage for 4 SSH keys.
2. The user identified in the key file does not exist in the local user database of this iLO 2.
3. The supplied key file is not formatted correctly.

Since 1 is not true (no keys in store), 2 is not true (user is identical on iLO subsys and ssh pub key file), I suspect 3. Can anyone provide some insight on the key structure to connect to iLO? The public key is attached for reference. Renaming it to also didn't do any good.


Stefan Winter
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Re: iLO 2 SSH key authorization fails

Check that the user name in the key ("sensorreader") matches the user name (not login name) of the account. These have to be an exact match.
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: iLO 2 SSH key authorization fails