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iLO 2 version 2.22 released.

Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

iLO 2 version 2.22 released.

We have released iLO 2 version 2.22 for those customers who wish to completely disable IPMI over LAN after the CVE-2013-4786 vulnerability affecting IPMI 2.0 (RMCP+ Authenticated Key-Exchange Protocol authentication) was discovered few weeks ago.


SPP 2013.09 was just released today and contains the previous iLO 2 version 2.20 release because, it was too late for us to include this last minute version in it. So, you might see both iLO 2 versions 2.20 and 2.20 hitting the web almost at the same time today.  

Change Log:


iLO 2 version 2.22


Upgrade Requirement:
Recommended - HP recommends users update to this version at their earliest convenience.
Note: Last supported iLO 2 firmware version for p-Class servers is version 1.82 as stated in the Customer Advisory

iLO 2 version 1.82 does not containg the IPMI over LAN feature.



- iLO 2 did not allow IPMI over LAN to be disabled on c-Class blade servers.
- The IPMI over LAN feature would continue to function on ML/DL servers after the iLO 2 was rebooted despite the feature being disabled.
- iLO 2 on c-Class blade servers failed to reboot after being reset to the factory defaults via the Onboard Administrator CLI.
- iLO 2 RIBCL scripts that contained the command CERT_SIGNATURE_ALGORITHM were not displayed in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Download from FTP:

Online ROM Flash Component for Windows x86


Online ROM Flash Component for Linux


Online ROM Flash Component for Windows x64


iLO 2 version 2.20


- The minimum password length setting could reset to zero from the previously set minimum length when MIN_PASSWORD tag isn’t specified in the XML script. This occurs in version 2.12 and later.
- Path MTU Discovery not working in iLO 2 versions 2.12 and later.
- Virtual Media could randomly fail to mount in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.
- Option to switch between 'UHCI' and 'System USB' for iLO 2 Virtual Keyboard and Mouse was missing for HP ProLiant DL585 G5/G6 Servers.
- iLO 2 Login webpage could display unsupported browser error message when using Internet Explorer 10.
- iLO 2 constantly rebooting after upgrading to version 2.12 or 2.15 on p-Class Blade Servers.
Note: Last supported iLO 2 firmware version for p-Class servers is 1.82 as stated in the Customer Advisory
- SSH to iLO 2 could fail with clients running OpenSSH 6.2p1, OpenSSL 1.0.1e.


- iLO 2 firmware now includes the option to send a Gratuitous ARP on boot.


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