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iLO 3 TLS 1.2 Bug?

Markus Egger
New Member

iLO 3 TLS 1.2 Bug?

Just to save you time and trouble, I had a two day struggle with iLO 3 in DL360 G7 with firmware updates, resets, config changes just to find out finally:

Having TLS 1.2 activated in Internet Explorer 8's advanced options on Vista/Win7 you only get a "Web page not found/shown" error like the web server would not be running. (German error "Webseite kann nicht angezeigt werden")

That was quite misleading. Turning off TLS 1.2 restores iLO web GUI function in IE 8.

Anyone else able to reproduce this bug? Shouldn't the iLO fall back automatically to a lower TLS version like 1.1 or 1.0 if 1.2 is not supported?
Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: iLO 3 TLS 1.2 Bug?

This issue has been fixed in iLO3 1.25

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