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iLO 3 Web access

Allen Crist

iLO 3 Web access

I'm trying to connect to the web access of the iLO3 remotely (different network) I've port forwarded the 17990 port to the iLO but can't connect. Oddly enough I just get a website with the letter "P" on it and nothing else.


Port forwarding 22 for SSH works fine, but I am trying to access the web page so I can use the remote KVM from another location and not on the same network.

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Re: iLO 3 Web access

Port 17990 is the Remote Console video streaming port. You need to forward ports:
22 for SSH
80 for HTTP and Microsoft ClickOnce if you are using the .NET Remote Console
443 for HTTPS
17990 for Remote Console video
17988 for Virtual Media
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Re: iLO 3 Web access

You will also need to forward port 443 for the main web interface. When you open a remote KVM session from the web interface,it will download an appropriate ActiveX/Java applet to your web browser, and then that applet (and only the applet) will use port 17990 for the actual KVM session data.


If you're trying to connect directly to port 17990 with a regular browser, that won't work: the browser won't understand the KVM session protocol without the applet. I guess if your browser is trying to interpret the opening messages of the KVM session protocol as a website, it might result in "a website with the letter 'P' on it and nothing else", or something else obviously incorrect.


(I'm not sure, but if HP has been clever, the applet download will also include a randomly-generated session key that is necessary for proper communication through the 17990 port, so trying to cache the applet or run a local copy of it without the browser may not work either.)