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Re: iLO AD Integration

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iLO AD Integration

Inherited an iLO Ad integration as part of a company seperation. HP Schema extensions have been done etc. Works fine, just need to clean it up a bit.

i/- We currently have 3 iLO roles. I want to reduce it to one. If I ensure that the "Role Member Devices" are consolidated into the one role I want to keep, the "Management Processor Rights" are set as I require and that the appropriate AD admin group is a "Member", is there anything I need to be aware of when deleting the other two role objects from AD? i.e. nothing needs to be chnaged on the servers iLo config? etc.

ii/- Some of the Management processor objects in AD have been created in the wrong sub OU. Can I just drag them to the correct sub OU? Is there anything I need to change on the servers iLO config?

iii/- Currently we have\Management Processors\ILO MP\SubOUName. Most of the management processor objects are in the SubOUName. I would like to create\Management Processors\ILO MP\CompanyManaged\SubOUName and\Management Processors\ILO MP\OutsourcerManaged\SubOUName.
Can I just drag the management processor objects between OUs without impact?

iv/- If we chnage iLO IP addresses, assuming config has been done based on DNS names - then will a simple DNS update for the iLO "A" record suffice for the AD integration to continue functioning?

v/- In the iLO config (mostly iLO2 and iLo3) a server (domain controller) needs to be specified. Is there any way to configure some redundancy in that? i.e. specify multiple DCs? or specify the AD and let DNS return an appropriate DC?

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Re: iLO AD Integration

Regarding multiple domain controllers/DNS someone else has replied here: