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iLO Amplifier - invalid TLD SMTP send address

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iLO Amplifier - invalid TLD SMTP send address

Hi There,

I raised this with HPE support and they shrugged their shoulders so hopefully someone here can help!

We have a Top Level Domain for alert emails of , .cloud is now a valid TLD. When I try and set the send from address as it tells me it isn't a valid domain. I tracked this down to a regex on the site of:


The 2,4 at the end states I can't put a 5 letter domain name and I can't figure out a way to get round the validation.

Currently running notouractualdomain.clod to get round this but are all caught by our spam filters so it's a little annoying

Are there any CLI commands to enter this address?



Re: iLO Amplifier - invalid TLD SMTP send address

Hello ,

You may check ILO amplifier Redfish if there is any script or py to change this

I have not seen any ILO Scripting tool for ILO Amplifier,

You may log a case with HPE to investigate further with engineering.

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