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iLO Behaviour

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Calvin Yang
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iLO Behaviour

Hi there,

Just want to know what's the behaviour of iLO when there are 2 users accessing. Will it reject the later one or will it kick out the first accessing one? In the later case, will there be any prompt or notification to the first user?

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Re: iLO Behaviour

iLO supports concurrent users, but there are some resources, like remote console and virtual media, that do not allow multiple users at the same time. In the case of a resource that cannot be shared, the behavior is "first-come, first served."

Of course, you can use access privileges to restrict users to certain resources.

There is no notification to other users about multiple logins except on the System Status/Status Summary page where concurrent browser logins are shown, as well as the iLO event log, where logins are recorded.