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iLO Help Please

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iLO Help Please

Hi All,
In HP BL20p G2 (blade) servers, by default the iLO (integreted Lights Out) web page is accessible through secure ssl port 443. My Question is Whether we can turn off https altogether and access iLO web page via port 80 protocol http only? that is we need to access normally on port 80 with user name and password without any encryption SSL 443.

Many Thanks to all, waiting for you replies pls.

Ken Henault
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Re: iLO Help Please

You can change the ports for network traffic on the Administration - Global Settings tab.

This won't let you disable SSL, but you can reroute it to port 80 if you're just trying to get around port filters. To access it, you would have to use something like this:


You will also need to change the HTTP port to something other than 80.

Ken Henault
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