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iLO LDAPS doesn´t work

Eberhard Droege
Occasional Visitor

iLO LDAPS doesn´t work


we a domain with 2 domain-controllers. On both Domain-controller we hace installed a certificate under personal/crertificates. The certificates are called as servername.domain.

When i now connect to the Domain from an iLO i get the following error:
Initiating Directory Settings diagnostic for server
Accepting Directory Server certificate for /C=DE/O=xxx/OU=xxx CA/OU=Domain Controller/CN=servername.domain signed by /C=de/O=xxx/OU=xxx CA
Warning: certificate does not match Directory Server Address
Unable to establish SSL connection with directory server.
You may need to install a certificate for your server to allow SSL connections.
Consult the iLO 2 User Guide for details.
Ceasing tests.
Some diagnostics FAILED for server

The server accept the certificate ant then the server can´t establish a SSL connection.

I have no idea, con you help me?

Eberhard Droege
Occasional Visitor

Re: iLO LDAPS doesn´t work


i have found the solution.
LDAPS doesn´t work correctly on Wndows 2003 Domain Controllers with SP1 installed.
We have now installed SP2 and it works.