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iLO Proliant DL360

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iLO Proliant DL360

I have just set-up iLO for our Proliant DL360 server. I have a couple of problems. I am running Windows 2000 server SP4.

1. When I click on the Terminal Svcs button in the remote console all I get is a grey screen. However if I was to connect to the iLO utility with an RDP client or the Terminal Server client I connect. I have installed the .Net Framework, iLO Management Interface drive and the passthrough Service. I have upgraded the firmware for iLO and the upgraded the System Bios to the current releases. The Java portion of the remote console works fine.

2. The Virtual Serial port does not work. I get a message that says Virtual Serial port active but I can't input anything. I can however telnet into iLO utility.

It is probably something stupid I have overlooked. Anyway any help would be appreciated.
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Re: iLO Proliant DL360

1: Terminal Services:
When you hit the terminal services button in the remote console window, the remote console applet attempts to launch MSTSC and "point" it at iLO.

This would be the same as you using then mstsc and entering the iLO network address. If this works, then it sounds like the problem is with the applet launch logic.

Look for the location of MSTSC.EXE... Remote console looks for it in the windows/system32 folder. This could be related to a unique installation path. Anyone else have a suggestion?

2: Virtual Serial Port
Assuming Windows as the OS...
Telnet into iLO is not the same as VSP. It sounds like the problem is with the host configuration. Normally, Windows can have Emergency Management Console bound to the serial port, but unless the host RBSU setting is configured for "Remote" BIOS serial console/EMS, then it is not the same serial port as virtual serial.

Change this to "remote" in RBSU and then restart Windows. Windows will automatically pick up the change.
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Re: iLO Proliant DL360

If you click on the Terminal Svcs button, and nothing happens. There is a new Remote Desktop client from MS that installs itself to the \programs files\Remote Desktop\ folder by default (msrdpcli.exe build 5.2.3790), you don't have an option on where you like to install it. If you are using this client, copy the mstsc.exe and mstscax.dll to the system32 directory.

The Virtual Serial Port option will access a Linux VSP or Windows 2003 EMS port, but not Windows 2000. Windows 2000 does not support it.
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Re: iLO Proliant DL360

Thanks for the responses to my questions. I did try a new RDP client and that seemed to work.

I was hoping I was wrong about the VSP not working with Windows 2000. Oh well, it's nice to get conformation.