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iLO Rollout


I'm hoping that I can get all the answers I need for putting together a process to roll out iLO across a rather large estate.

We have around 500 Proliant servers across the UK ranging from DL380 G3's to DL380/385 G6/7's DL580 G3's-G6's amonst some x3400 storage gateways and DL320's as well...

We wish to do what we should have done a long time ago and implement iLO on these servers.

As I understand it all HP Proliant servers have an iLO in them in terms of hardware but what I need to understand is what steps need to be taken to configure them.

I understand a license is required and that there are drivers to install, as well as a handy package that allows the configuration within the O/S meaning service doesnt have to be interupted.

So aside from the obvious pre-reqs such as having the licence key handy as well as IP/Subnet/gateway information what else is there to it?

Is it the same set of instructions across all the generations of server, or has iLO evolved between the G3 and G7 series servers?

A lot of questions but help is much appreciated!

Thanks again.

Ryan Harris
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Re: iLO Rollout

Hi Ryan,

Our organization uses primarily the DL300 series. I can tell you that prior to the G5 release, these servers used iLO (iLO "1" if you will). The G5 and G6 revisions used iLO 2. Now the G7s use iLO 3. Naturally the same firmware and software packages won't work for each.

You may wish to visit this page for more details:

good luck with your rollout, and if you appreciate the answers we appreciate the points!

Re: iLO Rollout

Thanks for the speedy response!

Logic would say that the iLO in the 500 series follows a similar trend but I guess I'd have to check that out - maybe there is a matrix somewhere that shows all Proliant servers cross sectioned with the various iLO revisions?

Your advise gives me a good starting point though!
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Re: iLO Rollout

I failed to mention in the first post that the generations don't match up identically between server series (although HP continues to work towards correcting that).

This means that a DL380 G4 may be more comparable to a DL580 G3 for instance.

For individual server models I recommend checking the support page on HP's main site, entering the server model name, selecting an OS, and looking for the "lights out" drivers and firmware.
Jimmy Vance
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Re: iLO Rollout is a good place to start.

iLO functions fine without the license key, the license turns on advanced features.

As for setup, by default iLO is configured to get a DHCP address. You will need to know the Administrator Password which was originally on a toe tag attached to the server. If you don't have the default Administrator info, all is not lost. Install the hponcfg utility on the host OS you can access the iLO configuration without knowing the default administrator password.

There are sample xml scripting packages to control iLO for both Linux and Windows

HP Lights-Out XML Scripting Samples

For Windows

For Linux (same scripts, but includes a Perl script for execution)

good luck, hope this helps
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