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iLO Shared Network Port question

Dan Thrun
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iLO Shared Network Port question

Attempting to test/use iLO shared network port on various Proliant servers supporting shared network capability. read documents and can set it up but can never seem to connects
Can the shared network use or be set to use the NIC 2 on the system board? as typically we use NIC 2 on the system board and not NIC1...

IF the onboard NIC's are connected to a Gig Network port will the ilo shared port still work?

What method of connecting to the iLO to be used when configured for shared network? I know that the iLO home page no longer responds etc.

IF using the iLO Shared network port must the actual ilo have a DHCP assigned IP or static IP (we do not have DHCP enabled on our server ports) either setting does not seem to work.

Server Tested DL385 G2 latest firmware
iLO 2 firmware at 1.70

barnett chan
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Re: iLO Shared Network Port question

Shared Network Port is only available on Nic1.

If shared Network Port is enabled, you do not need to connect a network cable to the iLO dedicated port as it is now disabled. iLO traffic will be shared with nic1. You have saved one port on your switch.

Your Gig Network (1G/1000)needs to be set for Auto as iLO is only 100/10.

Shared Network port can be DHCP or static.

Boot to iLO RBSU (F8), and check or set an IP. Make sure nic cable is in Nic1. You should be able to access iLO2.