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iLO and CD/DVDs

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iLO and CD/DVDs


I have been reading the alot of information on HP Insight Manager. Please can someone help me clarify these statements:-

With iLO 2, you can perform virtually any task remotely as if you were at the server using its keyboard, mouse and monitor, power button and floppy, CD or USB key.

Does this mean that if the server has a DVD or CD writer it will be able to use this?


The USB-based Virtual Media feature allows an IT administrator to boot the remote server using a standard 1.44-MB diskette on the client machine, a CD drive or USB flash drive on the client machine, or the image of a floppy diskette or CD from anywhere on the client's network. After the remote server has booted a USB-capable operating system (e.g., Windows® 2000, Windows 2003, or Red Hat Linux 7.2), the virtual device or ISO 9660 image is available as if it were a local USB device. The Virtual Media features save time and increase efficiency by eliminating the need to visit the remote server just to insert and use a diskette or CD.

Does CD mean DVD and CD/writer?

Steven Clementi
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Re: iLO and CD/DVDs


If the server physically has a device, it will be able to use it. In the case of a CD writer, you will need to have someone put in a black CD if you want to write to it. The server will not be able to perform that task on it's own ;o)

Though I never really tried it, I am pretty sure you can not "write" to the virtual media(cd/writer), but I see no reason why you can not mount a DVD. Again, I never tried it, always used CD's so not too sure, but you can make an iso of the DVD and mount that probably.

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Steve Golinski
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Re: iLO and CD/DVDs

I'm trying to mount a DVD as virtual media. It doesn't appear to work. I'm attempting this through the CLI (ssh into iLO).

vm cdrom insert http:///DVD.iso
vm cdrom set connect

responds - VM: No image found

The web server (apache) indicates an http response code - 416.

This does work fine for CD's though mounted though the same web server.