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iLO certification

Gerrit Heinen
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iLO certification

As some of u know, there is an issue with the FQDN for SSL on iLO devices.
When requesting a certificate on iLO, the request ONLY contains the hostname and NOT the FQDN.
After emailing with HP Support, the technician came with the following answer:
"ILO certificate request is only using the host name .ILO certification creation request doesnt go using the FQDN of the ILO and it is working as designed."

Correct me if i'm wrong, if I (or someone else) wants to make use of SSL on the correct way, it MUST have a FQDN SSL cert.

I have my own CA provider and want to connect to an iLO on the internet through https://FQDN:portnumber. But it seems impossible because of the 'design' of iLO.

Hopefully a technician reeds this, and speaks to the people responsible for iLO.
Because this is a feature that completes iLO. It is a wonderfull product, but this missing feature is really bugging me!

If other people have the same Issue, please post a reply. The more interest, the more likely it will be fixed with a new release of the iLO firmware.

Thank u for your time!
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Re: iLO certification


to be hopefully heard I think you must call HP
that's the only way to get some answers

I am almost sure no one related with "ilo high features" will read this in his entire life almost sure about it
Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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Re: iLO certification

HP is investigating a means to allow iLO to generate certificate signing requests (CSRs) using the FQDN, however this is not guaranteed or promised. At this time, the HP support response is correct.