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iLO compatibility on G4,G5 Servers

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iLO compatibility on G4,G5 Servers

Alright, i looked out on HP's website but couldn't find any information about iLO2 and 3 on ProLiant servers G4 and G5.


I would like to know if ILO2 and 3 will run on for example a DL580G4 and a DL380G4, i got this P/N 263825-B21.


In recent researches i found out that there is some different part numbers for the same stuff, for example there is one for an iLO on a 380 and another one for an iLO on a 120, so by the end this software is the same or it have some difference between the servers?


Thanks for your attention

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Re: iLO compatibility on G4,G5 Servers

iLO2 and iLO3 are hardware elements: in modern servers, they're usually integrated on the system board. Most DL3xx and DL5xx series servers have some form of iLO (except perhaps the very oldest model generations).


You mention "a 120", (DL series, I guess?). The 1xx systems are all entry-level models, which may lack "enterprise-level" management features. At least the DL120 G5 has an option for a Lights Out 100c management port (known as LO100, a stripped-down version of iLO). If you have a DL120 G5 without remote management functionality, the part you need for it is 469085-B21: a Lights Out 100c Kit, specific for model DL120 G5 only.


Your part number 263825-B21 is an iLO Advanced Pack: that is essentially a license code that unlocks advanced functionality in the existing iLO2/iLO3 hardware/firmware.


The part number 263825-B21 will not add iLO functionality to a server that does not already contain iLO hardware. 


According to, this part number is applicable to more than 200 HP server products, so the list is too long to copy here.


Go to, select your country, then paste the part number into the search field. Once the search completes, click on the horizontal bar that says "Part number 263825-B21 is used in more than 200 HP products. Click here to see the complete list of products."

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Re: iLO compatibility on G4,G5 Servers

Well thanks!


I've been recently employed in an HP vendor so I had this issue. Thanks again for the explanation and the site you recommended it was very useful!


I had to quote an ILO license for the following servers :


DL 380 G5
DL 360 G6
DL 785 G7
DL 120 G6
DL 380 G4
DL 580 G4


The G4s were unable to quote because they're discontinued, so we got some old licenses that we had in stock, the P/N of the license is 263825-B21, and i was wondering if this license will work on the G4 servers.


So if i get what you said, no matter the license P/N it will work on any server if the server has an ILO already on it with the features that the license unlocks right?


Thanks again for your patience and attention!