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iLO feature to reboot the server

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iLO feature to reboot the server


Is there any way to run delayed shutdown of the server?
I need to use it for watchdog emulating, because no worked watchdog timers in HP Proliant DL360 Servers.
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Re: iLO feature to reboot the server

Hi Nickolay!

List your OS installed on server and RBSU firmware version. What do you mean under "watchdog timer", ASR 2 feature? It can be tuned on RBSU menu, if correct managment agent installed on system. Try to use CLI of iLO. You can remotly reset server using telnet or ssh. Here expamle of command
hpiLO-> start /system1
Server power on.

list of possible commands
reset /system1 â Resets the server
reset /system1 hard â Performs a coldstart reboot of the server
reset /system1 soft â Performs a warmstart reboot of the server
show /system1 enabledstate â Shows the current power state, where enabled is powered on and disabled is powered off.