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iLO flash recovery state - telnet


iLO flash recovery state - telnet

Please is there someone who knows which FTP commands are supported by iLO when it is in flash recovery state?
Unfortunately, after updating my server BIOS, I lost the availability of iLO. The server is a ML370 G4 High Performance.
iLO network interface is still pingable, also telnet works, in the sense that I can connect to iLO but I receive a lot of "unsupported command" messages during the connection process and that process ends stating that the directory at iLO site can't be read (I use one simple Windows Telnet client to do these operations).
Other methods to recovery iLO seems not to work, like trying to boot using SmartStart CD or booting from diskettes and flashing firmware again (I also tried to do these operations both with iLO security switch ON and OFF).
The F8 message at boot time is disappeared.
Beside an advice about FTP commands, do anyone have some idea how to gain control again over iLO? or how to revert it to factory defaults?
Thank you for your time, best regards.
pratap m keshava
Trusted Contributor

Re: iLO flash recovery state - telnet

You can try the following (Need to replace the firmware image file and iLOIP)

ftp iLOIP
login: flash
password: recovery
put iLO160.bin

If you have Linux OS (RHEL or SLES) on the system you can try online flash recovery. You need to use the iLO Online flash component which can be downloaded from hp site. You need to have hp-ilo driver installed on the machine (available in PSP).

Online flash tries to flash the firmware if iLO is UP otherwise it uses direct flash. Direct flash might work in your case.