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iLO java console deficits and possible improvements

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iLO java console deficits and possible improvements

While using the iLO Java console on a regular base, some things really disturb me:


 * having to set the keyboard layout each and every time

 * having to resize the window to match the screen

 * being unable to adjust the idle timeout myself

 * mounting local CD/DVD only leads to Java console crashes, while mounting .iso files works


Java should be able to remember such settings in a cookie or the like, don't it?

The question is, will somebody care about such things?


I guess, .NET users are better situated in these respect, but being a linux user all the time,

do we need to suffer from these deficits the rest of hp servers lifetime? ;-)


openSUSE 12.2 x86_64, KDE 4.9.5



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Re: iLO java console deficits and possible improvements

Hmm, no comments, unfortunately.


I hoped to get some response along the lines of: "we do not touch this product anymore, since java is dead", "we might consider improving it in a 1-2 years timeframe", "go away you silly trool, don't you know where the big money is earned...", "oh man, this is a technology preview, it was never meant to be really productive..", etc...


For me, it looks like I spend a lot of money for an iLO license, where only the windows variant gets enough care to be really helpful.


You might consider releasing the java product as open source in order to get it improved without any further expense.


If there's no further response, I will shut up now.