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iLO "network degraded" warning

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iLO "network degraded" warning


I've got on several identical DL380 Gen8 Servers - all identical configured with same firmware and OS. On all servers are just 2 of the 4 1-Gbit Ports (onboard NIC) physically connected. Most of the servers show in iLO status "unknown" which is fine - but I've got 4 servers which show on one or both of the unconnected ports "link down". Therefore I get an error message in OneView which throws errors in our monitoring systems. 

My collegues veryfied that at the OS level the not connected links are configured as "down" - as all the other servers too which don't throw that "link down" errors. I cannot discover any differences between the servers, but 4 of them behave differently in this point. 

Any ideas on that?

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Re: iLO "network degraded" warning

>> all identical configured with same firmware 


What version? ILO? BIOS?

Hope this helps!

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Re: iLO "network degraded" warning

HP Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 331FLR Adapter 17.4.41

iLO 2.60 May 23 2018

Intelligent Platform Abstraction Data 2.10

Intelligent Provisioning N/A

Power Management Controller Firmware 3.3

Power Management Controller Firmware Bootloader 2.7

Redundant System ROM P70 07/01/2015

SAS Programmable Logic Device Version 0x0C

Server Platform Services (SPS) Firmware

Smart Array P420i Controller 8.32

System Programmable Logic Device Version 0x32

System ROM P70 05/21/2018

System ROM Bootblock 03/11/2012 System Board