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iLO switch in HP servers

Leonard Thng
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iLO switch in HP servers


Just to clarify my doubts. Is there any switch to switch on or reset iLO on HP servers?

pratap m keshava
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Re: iLO switch in HP servers

What do u mean by reset? is it reset to factory default configuration?

There is no switch to reset but one is available to flash iLO firmware incase iLO is responding. This is called "security override switch" documented on the motherboard cover. This can be used if iLO is not responding. You can refer to firmware flash part of user guide.

If you just need to reboot iLO, you can go to network settings page in the browser and press "Apply" button without making any changes and this will force iLO to reboot. Another option is to pull out the server power cable and back which will make iLO to reboot. In both of the above cases, iLO settings will remain intact.

If you need to reset iLO to factory default settigns, you can enter iLO RBSU by pressing F8 key when prompted during system reboot. There you have option to reset iLO to factory default settings. In this case, all the settings of iLO will be lost, hence you would like to back up all iLO settings before attempting this option.