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iLO vs iLO2 / iLO firmware upgrade fails

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iLO vs iLO2 / iLO firmware upgrade fails

Two part question:

I have a mixed enviroment of BL20p G2'2 G3's and G4's along with DL 380's and 360's.

I think the answer is no it cannot be upgraded it is a hardware advancement but I will ask anyway, is iLO2 a hardware component or can one upgrade from ilo to ilo2 by installing software.

Sedcondly, whats the easiest way to upgrade my ilo's firmware. Ihave a BL20p G3 that has 1.82 and the HP website shows 1.89A. i downloaded SP34084.exe and when i tried to install it i received the error : "NTVDM encountered a hardware error"
Whats the best way to upgrade all firmware on my systems? Can it be done with SIM?
Steven Baillie
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Re: iLO vs iLO2 / iLO firmware upgrade fails


you can use SIM to update the firmware on the ILO's.

make sure you are running SIM 5 SP5.

create a custom command to use a batch file that contains the following command.

C:\scripts\Cpqlocfg\cpqlocfg -s %DEVICENAME% -l C:\scripts\Cpqlocfg\logs\FW\%DEVICENAME%log.txt -f C:\scripts\Cpqlocfg\Update_Firmware.xml

make sure that you change the username and password in Update_Firmware.xml to match yours.

also make sure you run the custom command against the ILO's and not the servers.

As for upgrading the ILO to ILO2 - I don't think it is possible as it is the hardware that is different.


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Re: iLO vs iLO2 / iLO firmware upgrade fails

I apologize. The SP34084.exe file was for an offline update of the iLO firmware.

The 1.89 Online Firmware update for BL20p G2 and G3 is CP007120.EXE.
David Claypool
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Re: iLO vs iLO2 / iLO firmware upgrade fails

iLO2 is a physically different 'chip' based on new technology and has the ability to take advantage of new interfaces to other components. It is not possible to take a system with an iLO and replace that chip with an iLO2 chip.
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Re: iLO vs iLO2 / iLO firmware upgrade fails

You can perform iLO firmware updates several ways. In order to roll it out to a bunch of iLOs at the same time, in addition to the HP SIM method described, you have alternatives:

1) you can use the directroy migration utility. Without performing the actual direcrory steps, you can use this program to discover and update lights-out processors on the network.

2) you can roll your own RIBCL/XML scripts. Download the current iLO Scripting and Command-Line guide from here for details.〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=179111&taskId=101&prodTypeId=18964&prodSeriesId=397989#0
Also get the XML scripting examples from here:

The XML scripts are used with the lights-out configuration utility:

Of course, you can find this stuff by browsing to
Then click on your product
then manuals
or Support and Drivers