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iLO2 Ports for firewall?

Occasional Contributor

iLO2 Ports for firewall?

Hi There,

Can someone please tell me what ports are used for iLO2 Remote Console and the Visual Media applet are?

I need to request these opened for our managed firewall service.


Occasional Contributor

Re: iLO2 Ports for firewall?

Duh! Should have opened my eyes

Re: iLO2 Ports for firewall?

HP document: Best practices for Integrated Iights-Out and Integrated Lights-Out 2 v1.24

In this document, it address the details for the configuration of firewall:
23: Telnet
80: http
443: https
17988: Vitual Media, like the USB mapping, floopy disk

3389: Terminal service
636: LDAP
162: snmp trap

Hope it isnot too late