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iLO2 Remote Console blank

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iLO2 Remote Console blank

I am running a DL 385 G5 with an iLO2 using firmware 2.07.  There are no firewalls between any of my workstations and the iLO2.  However, I keep getting the error below when I try to use the remote console: Connection timed out: connect


I have tried numerous other workstations, each with different browsers, and each with different versions of Java installed.  Even to the point of trying older OS installs such as XP.


I am also unable to load any virtual media.  The applet starts and I can select an iso image, but when clicking connect, it displays an error: Could not connect Virtual Media. iLO Virtual Media service may be disabled.


There is no later firmware listed for the DL 385 G5.  Might there be any kind soul out there who has resolved this issue, and that could lend a helping hand?


Could the iLO have failing hardware?


Thank you.



Oscar A. Perez
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Re: iLO2 Remote Console blank

Can you capture a network trace?

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