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iLO2 Shared Access

Daren Daigle
Occasional Advisor

iLO2 Shared Access

I want to configure my servers to use the main port in a shared configuration.

Data (Server) VLAN: 102
iLO VLAN: 105

This is how i have my cisco port configured but i am not getting a lease from my DHCP server.

Current configuration : 183 bytes
interface GigabitEthernet2/9
switchport trunk native vlan 102
switchport trunk allowed vlan 102,105
switchport mode trunk
no ip address
spanning-tree portfast

The native vlan part for the server works great but configuring the iLO2 for vlan 105 doesnt allow it to work for some reason.

Does DHCP work in the shared configuration with a VLAN enabled?
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Re: iLO2 Shared Access

Soes your switch have DHCP on vlan 102, but iLO on vlan 105? I think you may need to configure DHCP to be on both vlans.
Daren Daigle
Occasional Advisor

Re: iLO2 Shared Access

Yes, i have DHCP running properly on VLAN 105. But it is not getting it.