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iLO2 allow cross domain logins?

Sean Murray_1
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iLO2 allow cross domain logins?

I have iLO2s setup using the schema free integration.
I have the right settings and users in domain A can login fine.
iLO pointing to DS in same domain.
I would like users from Domain B to be able to login as well.
I added an additional DS in Domain B to the list and the proper DIR Context and Group.

Is this even at all possible to do?

If it can work, then I must have a setting off, but also don't want to waste tiem on this if it cannot be done.

Todd Schelin
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Re: iLO2 allow cross domain logins?

I have iLO's located in many different domains in my organization and users that are located in completly different domains than where the iLO's are located and it works just fine. You want to make sure those users can authenticate across domains since you are not using the directory schema.
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Re: iLO2 allow cross domain logins?


Did you find a fix for this ? I am running into the same issue.

Do you have to point to domain controllers in different domains when you configure iLO diretory settings ?

I am pointing to a specific domain controller and that domain has trust with the other domain. But cannot login with the domain that is trusted. Do we have to hardcode the one domain controller from all the domains the user would login from ?

Please let me know.

Thanks for your help.
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Re: iLO2 allow cross domain logins?

I'm having the same issue. In fact, I can get cross-domain authentication with ilo3/4 but not 2 with the same settings. I'm wondering if this is not possible with ilo 2 or if you have to do something different?