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iLO2 firmware 1.80 for a DL360G5? VSP and Sysrq

Tony Walker
Frequent Advisor

iLO2 firmware 1.80 for a DL360G5? VSP and Sysrq

Hi Guys,

I'm currently experimenting with the VSP console on a DL380G5 and so far have been successful. The final cherry on top would be the ability to send break/sysrq signals via the VSP. According to this doc this is made possible at ilo firmware rev 1.80. When I search on the HP site however, I can only find 1.78 from 16 June.

Does anyone know if this version is available anywhere or what version of firmware I can get away with to be able to run esc+ctrl+B to send break/sysrq?


pratap m keshava
Trusted Contributor

Re: iLO2 firmware 1.80 for a DL360G5? VSP and Sysrq

Firmware version 1.80 mentioned in the document is for previous generation of iLO.

You have the latest firmware for iLO2. Have you tried sending these key combination? Are they failing?