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iLO2 v1.60 available

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iLO2 v1.60 available

Windows Component:

Linux Component:

- Added the ability to install SSH keys using the scripted RIBCL interface
- iLO 2 can co-exist on an IPV4 and IPV6 mixed network environment.
- iLO 2 continues to support IPv4 only.
- Updated iLO2 SSH server engine and now support 3 simultaneous connections

- Fixed an issue using the delete command to delete a user via the CLP which may confuse the pointer to the correct target.
- Added a message to report reason when there is a failure to import SSH DSA key.
- Fixed an issue that at times will cause a "console is in use" message when switching
between Remote Console and Integrated Remote Console.
- Fixed an issue that under certain circumstances would cause the iLO firmware to crash when mounting a virtual media image via the Integrated Remote Console or the Virtual Media applet.
- Fixed an issue that would cause the user to receive an error message when opening multiple IRC sessions from the OA.
- Fixed a memory leak in the iLO2 SSH server engine that would cause iLO2 to stop responding after few hours of repeating login/logout
- Fixed an issue where OpenVMS SSH clients would fail to connect to iLO2 SSH.
- Fixed duplicated files shown by Virtual Folder.
- Fixed an issue that caused iLO2 to stop responding after an OA failover.
- Fixed a vulnerability where using a blank username and password results in a successful login to the serial port CLI interface.
- Fixed an issue where iLO2 would become unresponsive after using HPASMCLI to set computer name in Solaris.

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Re: iLO2 v1.60 available

Anyone knows the RIBCL syntax to install SSH keys?
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Re: iLO2 v1.60 available


That links appears to link to an empty directory in FTP. I've not been able to download any firmware. Is the HP FTP site broken?