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iLO2 v2.12 released to the FTP

Oscar A. Perez
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iLO2 v2.12 released to the FTP

Upgrade Requirement:  

 Recommended - HP recommends users update to this version at their earliest convenience.


Firmware Dependency:  

 System ROM version 5/5/2011 or later is required for all HP ProLiant DL G6 servers.



 Enabled SSL empty fragments by default to address the CBC-mode cipher IV weakness mentioned in CVE-2011-3389.

 Addressed vulnerabilities mentioned in CVE-2011-4576, CVE-2012-2110 and CVE-2012-2131.

 Added countermeasures for the ICMP blind connection-reset attack mentioned in CVE-2004-0790.

 CLI may show incorrect boot source list when there is a sixth bootable device in the system.

 Increased the randomness of the initial seeding of the Pseudo-Random Number Generator to improve the security of the self-signed SSL certificates.

 iLO 2 may become inaccessible on Blade servers after a Virtual Connect failover.

 Added countermeasures for the ASF/RMCP ping pong attack.

 iLO 2 now remains responsive during ping pong attacks and iLO 2 no longer replies to malformed ASF ping requests.

 Improved the iLO 2 Browser Cookie behavior. Login and session cookies are cleaned up and are marked with the 'secure' attribute.

 Fixed a VSP Log lock up issue when a user presses and holds a key while browsing the log.

 Increased VSP buffer size to prevent iLO 2 from dropping characters during POST and GRUB.

 Fixed a segmentation fault seen in Solaris 10 when using ipmitool to read the FRU. 



 Added SHA1 Signing Algorithm as an option under Administrator->Security->SSL Certificate.  


Download from FTP:

Online ROM Flash Component for Windows 64-bit

Online ROM Flash Component for Windows 32-bit

Online ROM Flash Component for Linux

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Re: iLO2 v2.12 released to the FTP

I am upgrading ILO firmware on one of my proliant DL 380 G6 servers and gone through some HP Forums and downloaded the Online ROM Flash Component for  64-bit windows, a .exe file.


Can you please guide on how to get the .bin file out of that so that i can mount it and upgrade the firmware please.