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iLO5 features and How-to Demo Videos

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iLO5 features and How-to Demo Videos

iLO5: Virtual NIC feature

The virtual NIC allows you to access the iLO from the operating system. This feature is limited to iLO5 only and can be enabled as of firmware version 1.40 and later.

For more details Check the iLO5 User Guide


iLO 5 Firmware Update procedure

iLO 5 firmware update procedure is easy and takes less than a minute. See the link below. It does not require you to reboot the server, but it will reset iLO. The system ROM can be also updated through the same procedure.

ILO5 Firmware


Accessing iLO5 through the Service Port of HPE Proliant Gen10

The iLO Service Port is a new feature introduced with HPE Proliant Gen10 Servers. In order to access iLO5 through it, you would need a USB-Ethernet adapter. The iLO will always have as link-local address.


Ask the IT Expert: Top Ten Settings for HPE iLO5

Doug Hascall provides the top ten settings for HPE iLO5 to ensure the best security with HPE iLO5 management on HPE ProLiant Gen10 servers.


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