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ilo 2 - BL20p G4

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ilo 2 - BL20p G4


Enc : HP BladeSystem p-Class
Servers: ProLiant BL20p G4

I Upgraded the ILO2 on my blade enc to "Firmware: 2.00 06/21/2010" and now i get "Server is not in a managed enclosure" on all the servers in that enc.
Is there a way to fix this and stil keep Firmware: 2.00 06/21/2010 ?

Or do i have to downgrade to the older version ?

Best Regards Christian
Oscar A. Perez
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Re: ilo 2 - BL20p G4

pClass blades are no longer supported with iLO2 v2.00. You need to go back to iLO2 v1.82

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