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Re: ilo and hpsim

Mike Gentles

ilo and hpsim

Having some strange issues with the iLo/Riloe cards not properly associating with its host server within HPSIM. The majority of servers work just fine, however a handful do not. All of hte settings are the same, all the FW versions are the same etc from the ones that work to the ones that dont. All proLiant servers G2-G4, with either W2K or W2K3 running. Anyone with any ideas why this may be happening??
Honored Contributor

Re: ilo and hpsim

SIM associates the lights-out processor with the host server using the system serial number. If the serial number was altered after the agents are installed, then the association may be lost.

Additionally, some serial number data may be retained in the registry, so even if this is straigtened-out, some registry cleanup may be needed. I'll check to see if I can find out the specific keys.