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Re: ilo in 'temp unavaiable' state


ilo in 'temp unavaiable' state

we have a strange issue with our DL580 G2 where the ilo port suddenly stops responding and the only way to get access back is to pull the power from the system (reboot just won't do it) to recover the ilo connection.

we did the typical things, updated all the firmware on the server and enabled nmi in the ilo settings. (system is running vmware esx 3.5 u2)...

there seems to be nothing in the any of the logs on why it stops responding (power, IRQ conflict, etc). we ran typical ilo and server diagnostics and came up nothing.

it happens that about twice a week on losing the ilo connection and the system crashes about once every two weeks right after the ilo connection fails. it's currently at 1.92 but we're looking at updating to 1.93...

is there any way to tell if the system board or ilo port is going bad? or is this a HP service call thing?
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Re: ilo in 'temp unavaiable' state


similar issue below

indeed that can be caused by Power supplies

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