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ilo vitrual media error 572

Andrew Scorsone
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ilo vitrual media error 572

When I click on vitural media in iLO I get the following error, "Integrated lights out has detected an error: Error message: unspecified error, file name: https//......, Error line 572.

I have installed the Java JRE client which has not resolved the issue. I'm attempting to use my desktop computer's CD drive to install applications on my BL20 systems, any ideas?
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Re: ilo vitrual media error 572

Did you log-in to iLO, or set the iLO security jumper and use a direct link to the iLO page? If you bypass the login page, you may confuse iLO. Try log-out and re-login.

Also, were you using the "back" button? this can also cause strange problems. Best to just follow the links.

What is the iLO Firmware version, and what is the JVM version that is running?

Finally, do you have any extreme browser controls in place? Try pressing ctrl-click to follow the virtual media link. This might mean that a pop-up blocker feature is having side-effects.