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ilo vs. Rilo - unattended install of OS

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ilo vs. Rilo - unattended install of OS

I am in charge of the provisioning system that my team uses to deploy our HP servers. We have around 1000 HP DL380x's.

We have always used RILO / RILOII in the past and are now being asked to use ILO.

We use DOS to perform all pre OS install configurations with the SSSTKIT. At the end of those configs I run (on RILO's) the following command to eject the virtual floppy:

s:\tkit25\VFLOP /B:NEVER /P:OFF

The very next thing I do is start the OS install (W2K3 Server). Ejecting the VFLOP allows the OS install to reboot to the C: drive / OS install.

This is a completely unattended process, which is why I am in trouble moving to the ILO's. I can't seem to find a comparable tool to perform the exact same operation on ILO virtual media.

Please help!
Steven Clementi
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Re: ilo vs. Rilo - unattended install of OS


I am just wondering if you gave any thought to using a network share, vs. virtual media. You should be able to incorporate a few networking components into your DOS session to utilize a network share to copy and even Run Windows Setup from.

WHat about other options like RIS? Remote Deployment Servies (RDS) or other similar programs?

Onto the ilo... There is a command line utility to perform certain functions, but I am not totally familiar with the syntax. You should be able to find a guide here...
" "

The ilo Scripting guide is here... " "

Looks like the file you need is HPLOVM and the command you need is...

HPLOVM -device cdrom -eject (guessing here, based on scripting guide, I never actually have done this (yet) )

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Re: ilo vs. Rilo - unattended install of OS

HPLOVM is EXACTLY what I needed. Thanks so much. It works exactly (for ilo's) like the vflop.exe in the RILO's.

insert, eject, boot once,

I tested it out and it works perfect.

(fyi, sorry for the short description of my setup... I am running a network boot disk that does indeed connect to a share to launch the OS install etc, etc, etc.)

Thanks again.