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ilo2 DL370 G6 with pci-express graphics card

Pedro Sebastian
Occasional Contributor

ilo2 DL370 G6 with pci-express graphics card

iLO 2 Firmware Version: 2.00 06/21/2010
I have DL370 G6 with pci-e graphics card (NVIDIA Quadro FX-5800) configured as primary, and integrated graphics card is configured as secondary on RBSU (BIOS).
The problem:
I can't use the grafical remote console on ILO2 with this configuration. (i probed intergrated Remote console (Iexplorer) and java remote console.
I attach image wiht java remote console (no video)

If I change the integrated graphics card as primary, and the pci-e as secondary, in RBSU (BIOS) everything works fine.

I use this server for render and i don't want to use this system with pci-e as secondary.
Any solution?
Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: ilo2 DL370 G6 with pci-express graphics card

iLO2 is physically connected to the integrated video chip so, it is not possible for iLO2 to use another video card for the remote console.

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Pedro Sebastian
Occasional Contributor

Re: ilo2 DL370 G6 with pci-express graphics card

I need a workstation/server to remote render, admin, install new OS, etc. (like ILO2 functions, included Remote Console, stats, etc..) (enrackable model).
I want to use PCI-E nvidia quadro FX5800
What is the system that I could use to perform these tasks remotely.
Occasional Advisor

Re: ilo2 DL370 G6 with pci-express graphics card

Hi, I'm looking to resolve the same problem...

To get the video remote console in a system with a PCIe Video Card installed.

About your question.

In my oppinion, as technical consultant, you will need to use a workstation blade with a 3D graphic card and a remote desktop console improved with RGS.