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ilo2 & Email

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Mark A. Davis
New Member

ilo2 & Email

We are looking to purchase an HP ML350G6 with ilo2. It is my understanding that there are no audible alerts for the following events we have to know about (is that true?? yeesh!):

1) Hard drive failure (RAID P410i)
2) Fan failure
3) Power supply failure

We are a 100% Linux shop and are not interested in "ICE". We don't use management consoles and other multi-server "stuff". I have the following questions about ilo2:

1) Is ilo2 able to send Email alerts via SMTP or is it limited only to SNMP traps?
2) Can ilo2 be truly independent or does it require some type of driver installation on the server itself?
3) Is there any reason the ilo2 can't be on the same class C as the server, itself?
4) Is there some way I can get access to sample traps to see what they look like?
5) How can one test that an ilo2 setup is working? Just pull a drive or power supply or something?

Unfortunately, my pre-sales "tech support" at CDW is pretty useless. Thanks for any info!
Adrian Clint
Honored Contributor

Re: ilo2 & Email

No Audio device on server = no audio alerts.
Yellow LED on error, and OS or iLO sends alert.

1. No SMTP, SNMP only. Design is ILO sends SNMP to Insight Manager or similar app and that sends SMTP.
2. It can be independent but to give you all the alerting I'd recommend you install iLO drivers and the Insight Agents. And with that it can also send you predictive failure alerts. Ie Drive/PSU/FAN/Memory/CPU is going faulty not has gone faulty.
3. No. There is no connection/dependency.
4. Maybe I can put some up here later this week if no one else can. Or See p67 in the manual
5. Send a test trap from the ilO itself.
Mark A. Davis
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Re: ilo2 & Email

Thanks so much for the quick response and useful info!

It is a shame that they didn't spend the $2 it would have cost to have a simple audio notification for those of us that don't need or want all this complexity. (I might try to tie into the LED with a separate buzzer circuit anyway.)

The link to the docs was very helpful. I read as much of it as I could handle. I didn't see anything about ilo2 being able to detect or send traps on raid hard drive failure. Did I miss it? Would it send such traps even without OS based drivers?

Thanks again
Michael Leu
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Re: ilo2 & Email

If you choose to use the OS drivers, check out "Managing ProLiant servers with Linux":

You can use the drivers without any management server. They log to syslog, and you can also configure a email trap-destination in your snmpd.conf.

The RPMs I install are: hp-health hp-snmp-agents hp-ilo hponcfg
Get them from here: