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ipmitool with AD authentication

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ipmitool with AD authentication

Hi Team,

I am using ipmitool for setting ISO, change boot order and some other BIOS settings.currently we are using local ilo user(admin) to set the parameters through IPMITOOL. But now we will only support for AD authentication and going to remove local ilo admin user for some security reason. I am able to login through ilo GUI with my AD account and changing the BIOS settings, but i could not able to do through ipmitool with my AD account. i am getting following error while accessing through AD account. But if i am using local admin it is working fine through ipmitool.

Hardware : HP ProLiant DL360/380 Gen10,Gen9,Gen8

Error message through AD account:

added list entry seq=0x00 cmd=0x38

IPMI Request Session Header
Authtype : NONE ====> Here Authtype is using NONE with accessing AD account.
Sequence : 0x00000000

Session ID : 0x00000000

Get Auth Capabilities error
Error issuing Get Channel Authentication Capabilities request
Error: Unable to establish IPMI v2 / RMCP+ session

Working fine with local ilo admin user:

 IPMI Response Session Header
 Authtype : RMCP+ =====>> Auth type is using RMCP+
 Payload type : IPMI (0)
 Session ID : 0xa0a2a3a4
 Sequence : 0x00000007
IPMI Msg/Payload Length : 32

ipmitool -H -U xzy123 -P Password -I lanplus power status

xzy123 - AD account
password - Password - Remote console IP

Is there any specific option need to change in ILO side. ?

Kindly help me how to use AD account through IPMITOOL to set the bootorder or power status.


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Re: ipmitool with AD authentication

Is there any update ? Could you someone help me on this ?

Re: ipmitool with AD authentication


Try following in Gen10 with full path where you have IPMtool

# /usr/bin/ipmitool -I lanplus -H U xzy123 -P Password power status




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