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logging ILO logins

Jason Cordes_2
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logging ILO logins

I need a way to report on logins thru my ILO's. I see that every login and logoff is recorded in the event log on the ILO. I also see in Insight Manager a mib for remote management but that only appears to trap unauthorized login attempts.

Does anybody know if there is a trap sent out on successful logins?


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Re: logging ILO logins

Currently iLO does not send a SNMP trap on successful logins. Is this a feature that should be added?

You can, however, retrieve the iLO Event Log remotely using a RIBCL Script like the following. This process uses the online scripting utility CPQLOCFG which uses RIBCL (XML-style) scripts to send commands to iLO. The utility and documentation is available for download from
Follow iLO Standard or iLO Advanced then Software and drivers. Select appropriately and get the "HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility" You might also want to grab the XML scripting examples because they show some other cool things you can automate with lights-out, like firmware updates and administration.