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lost ilo2 license

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lost ilo2 license

Hi All,

I have misssed placed my ilo2 license is there anywhere that i can get it back from? i.e. HP support website where i enter serial number etc


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Re: lost ilo2 license

Hi, you need to call us 1-800-HPINVENT at the voice prompt say: ProLiant Running Microsoft (don't worry if your server is not running MS) Please make sure you have the following documents handy prior to make the call since we will request them:

Server Serial Number
Proof of Purchase for the license i.e. Invoice
You'll need to email it to us or fax it to us.

If you used this license in your server you can get it directly from the iLo interface. Log In to iLO - go to administration tab - then iLo licensing your license number will be displayed.

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