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mass ilo4 configuration out of box

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mass ilo4 configuration out of box

Ok so here goes I have about 1000 new sl4540's that I need to configure the ilo4 interfaces. I will be gathering the ilo names, mac addresses, and will be matching up the default passwords to those systems putting them into a data file. I will be setting up a dhcp server to issue ips to the mac addresses which will in turn end up being the static ips as well. I want to be able to use the tool to configure static ip, add users etc... I see that this can be done through substitution with the hponcfg utility but in the scripting tool pdf I don't see that substitution can be used with Am I missing something or does allow for substitution like hponcfg? Is there a better way to do this altogether. I have used hp sim and OA in the past and things have been done manually. I would like to circumvent configuring these mainually if posssible.





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Re: mass ilo4 configuration out of box

I don't think accepts substitution pairs like hponcfg. My first though would be to create a script that reads from your database (or csv file) and creates the RIBCL file on the fly for to use in some sort of loop.




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Re: mass ilo4 configuration out of box

I believe that the new that is included with sample scripts version 4.20 supports variable subtitutions.


Here is the link for Sample Scripts for Windows which includes the as well.  Linux sample scripts 4.20 for Linux are not released yet.


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Re: mass ilo4 configuration out of box

You can change the ILO settings by script.

i would recommend addign such a script in your OS deployment, or configure HP SIM (or alike) to run the script on multiple hosts.

Any way, as not unusual in deployment scenarios, there is no complete out-of-the box solution, you will have to create a customized script that matches all your requirements.