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pClass ILO died with Infrastructure Fault


pClass ILO died with Infrastructure Fault

pClass with 2 BL35p on a single sleeve
iLo version 1.82

Hi guys,
Two of our blades suddenly disappeared from the rack view on our pClass system. I tried accessing the iLo from the front and back to no avail (does not reply to any ping)

On ILM, I got the following
- Intrastructure Fault, Interrupt Error at Chassis Slot 8, FRU EEPROM
- then followed by two messages pertaining to blades removed at slots 7 and 15
- Infrastructure Fault, Stack Overflow at Signal Backplane, Software

I am now scheduling a downtime to have the blades plugged and unplugged. Is there a way to restart the iLo without unplugging the blades ?

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Re: pClass ILO died with Infrastructure Fault

If you cannot access the iLO over the network, this will be more challenging.

You can reboot iLO fro the iLO RBSU during POST. Try disabling iLO (saving) then enabling iLO (saving) without exiting RBSU. Then when you exit, iLO will reset.