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Re: ports to open for ilo

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ports to open for ilo

What ports does ILO need to be opened @ the firewall? I've opened port 80 and 443, and can log in, but don't get anything with the remote desktop. If i open all ports, i see the remote desktop fine.
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Re: ports to open for ilo

To see the ports that iLO uses, navigate to the Global Settings page. The defaults are listed in the help for that page:

Port Configuration
The various TCP/IP ports used by iLO are configurable. This allows for compliance with any site requirements or security initiatives for port settings. These settings do not affect the host.

Changing these settings will usually require appropriate configuration of the web browser used for standard and SSL communication. iLO automatically resets following any port setting changes for the changes to take effect.

Port Description Default Value
Web Server Non-SSL (HTTP) port 80
Web Server SSL (HTTPS) port 443
Virtual Media port 17988
Remote Console / telnet port 23
Terminal Services port 3389
Secure Shell (SSH) port 22

The Remote Console port shares connections from the Remote Console, Virtual Serial, and telnet (if configured to allow telnet connections).
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Re: ports to open for ilo

that was it, thanks.