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"Mod_Global" updates fine on Riloe, I have problems on iLOs

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"Mod_Global" updates fine on Riloe, I have problems on iLOs

Hopefully you can help…I need to set SNMP_PASSTHROUGH_STATUS to NO on several hundred ribs.
I'm using CPQLOCFG.EXE dated 06/10/05 and am passing the following XML:

I am successful when I pump to my Riloe's (firmware 2.53) and RiloeII (v1.21). I hit problems when I send the same settings to my iLO's (firmware 1.87).

Error received is:
MESSAGE='Syntax error: This feature is not currently supported in iLO.'

Is there any way I can achieve my goal for all my devices?

Thanks in advance
pratap m keshava
Trusted Contributor

Re: "Mod_Global" updates fine on Riloe, I have problems on iLOs

Do you need to configure all of the above in a single script? iLO doesn't support POCKETPC_ACCESS and BYPASS_POWER_CABLE_REPORTING properties, hence the error you are receiving.

You can use the script attached to configure SNMP setings for iLO. You need to use this script for iLO and a different script for Riloe's.

Re: "Mod_Global" updates fine on Riloe, I have problems on iLOs

I'm back on track. Thank-you!