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snmp forward on ESX servers

Sean Murray_1
Regular Advisor

snmp forward on ESX servers

All of a sudden the passthrough is not working on ESX servers I am working with.
It was setup with the snmp settings on the ESX host to trapsink to localhost. iLO/iLO2's set to forward to SIM and passthrough enabled as well.
Now it doesn't seem to work. If I manually set the trapsink to point to SIM system instead, it gets out.
ESX 3.5 mainly and one 3.0 that wasn't updated.
Some ESX patches were put on recently but the intial trap setup worked for a good 2 weeks after the OS updates.
Now it seems like the OS and iLO not talking. On the 3.0 I updated to the latest HP management agents. No dice.

Doe anyone know what could have caused things to not function all of a sudden or any suggestions?