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using IPMI over iLO2

Ozzy Godin
Occasional Contributor

using IPMI over iLO2


Please find that iLO 2 supposedly is IPMI 2 compliant however I can not initiate a simple ipmi command to any of my 460/465 blades,

Please advice


This is how it works with DL140:

ipmitool -C 1 -I lanplus -H -U user -P password chassis status

System Power : on

Power Overload : false

Power Interlock : inactive

Main Power Fault : false

Power Control Fault : false

Power Restore Policy : previous

Last Power Event :

Chassis Intrusion : inactive

Front-Panel Lockout : inactive

Drive Fault : false

Cooling/Fan Fault : false

Sleep Button Disable : allowed

Diag Button Disable : allowed

Reset Button Disable : allowed

Power Button Disable : allowed

Sleep Button Disabled: true

Diag Button Disabled : true

Reset Button Disabled: true

Power Button Disabled: true

This is how it doesn’t work with any of my ILO machines DL380/DL385/BL460c/ BL465c:

ipmitool -C 1 -I lanplus -H lb-tlvb-pcie51s -U user -P password chassis status

Error: Unable to establish IPMI v2 / RMCP+ session

Error sending Chassis Status command
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: using IPMI over iLO2

IPMI is only available through the KCS interface from the host with iLO2. IPMI is not an industry standard, and as such suffers from wild levels of [in]compatibility, security issues and is generally inappropriate for use on large corporate networks.

iLO2 has implemented the SMASH command line protocol standardized by the DMTF. Because IPMI signalling is inconsistent, many if not most makers of IPMI chips have implemented it as well.
Ozzy Godin
Occasional Contributor

Re: using IPMI over iLO2

Thanks David,

not sure what KCS is and how to use it?
not sure if IPMI should or shouldnt work on DL380/BL460c (like it does on DL140)?

where do I get SMASH from and if I can use it for automatic commands where user/pass is part of the command (like with IPMI) from another machine,