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using snmpwalk to access ilo MIB

D Swanston
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using snmpwalk to access ilo MIB

I've searched but can't find the document that simply explains how one would access the ilo MIB by doing a simple snmpwalk for example.

My primary goal is to set up a simple SNMP poller from my project software to check the status of a few of the system status items that are available via the ilo web page, primarily power supply status. The reason that I want to do this with my own code is to be able to raise alarms within the context of the larger system we've built.

For other hardware I've located the MIB, determined my OIDs and then poll them periodically ... easy.

But can't seem to get any clear info on the following:

1. Does ilo have its own MIB (or snmp agent) or does it simply pass through snmpget/snmpwalk?

2. If ilo does not have its MIB then where does it get the power supply status from, perhaps I should go straight to the horse's mouth if that might be easier.

3. If ilo does have a MIB what version of SNMP and what is the community name etc to walk it?

We have DL380G5's running CentOs 5.1 kernel is 2.6.18-53.el5 x86_64 .

Answers or even a nudge in the right direction would be most appreciated.
David Claypool
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Re: using snmpwalk to access ilo MIB

While iLO/iLO2 can generate SNMP traps, it does not have an SNMP stack of its own, so it will not respond to SNMPWALK unless the host agent is available, the iLO driver is installed and SNMP passthrough is enabled.
Omer Tal
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Re: using snmpwalk to access ilo MIB

how do i make the agent available, install iLO driver and enable SNMP passthrough?