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virtual iLO 2/3/4 for testing

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virtual iLO 2/3/4 for testing

Hello, is there a virtual image for iLO 2/3/4 which I could mount on vmware/virtualbox in order to test scripting ?


I have access to real iLO's but for limited time each day and in a very high secure environment, it would be nice if I could test/develop in a virtual environment anywhere and have a quick trip onsite to deploy.



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Re: virtual iLO 2/3/4 for testing

I've never heard of any kind of test or virtual environment for ILO.


I'd recommend trying your scripts on a non-production ILO system, if that's possible.  I think that's your only choice.


If you don't have any test/non-production systems, most ILO changes won't affect the operating system, so just make sure you avoid doing anything that changes the power settings or reboots the server.