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ÿ characters added to serial number

Trusted Contributor

ÿ characters added to serial number

I've recently gotten my dedicated server back online for our SIM console and installed/configured 5.0 with the latest support agents for my ProLiant servers (7.90 for newer and 7.60 for legacy systems) and noted that my oldest servers, 6400R/6500's, now show a serial number that has several ÿ characters appended.

It's not a big deal since I already have the correct information in my inventory, it's just odd. Has anyone run across this and know how it may be rectified? Thank you very much.

Dean Farrington
Occasional Advisor

Re: ÿ characters added to serial number

I recall a similar issue with one of our servers. I beleive there was an entry in the bios that stored the number that had somehow acquired the offending characters. Once I went in there and changed it, they stopped showing up in HP SIM.